Friday, October 14, 2005

CPI - Corrupt Party of India

I never had any soft corner for the left parties in India. I am one of the firm believers that their only ideology is to block anything that can bring development to the country. My blood used to boil whenever I saw Harkishen Singh Surjeet on the screen.

I feel over the years, people in CPI lost focus on Communism, the founding ideology. They would shout and disrupt parliament for even a one paise price hike on any commodity and if they feel that's not enough, a bharat bandh would be the option.

If you want to fight price hike, don't stop the trailers, by doing it you are making the hike unavoidable.

I was lucky to get hold of the latest book based on Mitrokhin Archive "The world was going our way". I finished reading just 30 pages from the chapter about India. Oh my god, everybody from clerk to the president of the party was a KGB agent. If the things described in the archive is true, the whole CPI would have to be convicted. IMHO Capital punishment will be insufficient for these traitors.

How could people sell country's secrets for money? Don't they have a feeling that they are literally selling their mother.