Thursday, January 07, 2010

Seshadri - This is for you

Oh Seshadri, My close Acquaintance
his parents are looking out for an alliance
A year gone embarking on this penance
Still no one in sight for a Romance

Day in Day out he browses Tamil Matrimony
Some girls need house and some need money
Goodness in his heart, not so many
Girls, You need a husband or Alimony?

He is a God fearing Brahmin-Iyengar Thenkalai
from the famous clan of Thirumalai Ananthan Pillai
No constraints whatsoever, ok with Vadakalai
Gifted are those who get him as their mappilai.

Very practical and full of laughter...
Great guy with impeccable character.
If you are looking for the best for your daughter
Entrust her to him/his parents, there ends the matter.

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