Monday, October 17, 2005

Flight Plan well planned

After a gap of 2 months, I went to the theatre to see a movie. It was a quick decision on Sunday at 2 PM to catch the 4.30 PM show of Flight Plan.

Siva and VKE had gone a week before and gave a positive reviews for the movie.

I went with a open mind, I feel that this is a trick that makes even a worst movie look ok. Less expectations, No disappointments.

The movie was very good, with excellent acting by Jodie Foster. I do not want to play a spoilsport here by divulging the plot but I would like to say that minute details have been taken care of in the screenplay and it has been well crafted.

BTW, The plane they show in the movie is awesome...I assume its a Airbus A380. Cool interiors, The Economy looked like modern day first class.

If you guys get a chance watch it...