Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Desi Cultural Shock

First of all Happy New Year to all of you...I hope, This blog would give me a head-start for the 2006 and get me out of the slumber. I am breaking my silence which is more than 60 days old now.

What I did for the new year is all this blog about... VKE invited me to DC to spend the new year. The plan was to go to New Jersey and attend a Desi Mardi Gras party...Got a good deal in ATA. Reached DC on Saturday Morning, was received warmly by Siva, VKE and Arun (colleague of VKE).

We immediately embarked on the Road trip to NJ from Airport. The Ride was smooth..The fun part was each of us trying to reach our dear ones at the stroke of midnight (for us in the afternoon) to wish them New Year... Reliance lines were all jammed up and we could reach people only after 30 mins past midnight.

Reached NJ and stayed at VKE's friend's place. It was decided to start at 9.30 PM for the party, so that we could reach at 10.30 PM. All plans went haywire with many roads blocked in New york city for the Ball drop. After running from pillar to post for more than 10 blocks we reached the place and just made it 15 secs before the Ball drop..

This is the first time, I am getting into a discotheque party and I was very excited. I have never been to a party like this in my entire life. The excitement doubled when we saw in numerous Indian origin women dressed at their best and having a whale of time. We were quick to join the party. Me, VKe and Arun made it to the center of the dance floor and started moving our legs to the tunes. The DJ was excellent with unbelievable mixes and improvisations.

Time passed and the spirits were increasing (..in the blood). This is when I was taken aback. All the while I was thinking that women drink only beer, and those who take other alcohol, drink responsibly...I was proved wrong, Every woman in the house was high and at some point, I bet they would have been in a position where they could not figure out with whom they were dancing.

Drinking is bad, but Drinking and losing sanity is worse. If woman do this, it makes them more vulnerable.

I had the shock of my life, when I heard from my buddies that this is what happens in discotheques in Chennai. For once, The people's protest on Cultural loss due to these western invasions sounded justifiable.

Am I overreacting? Am I Ignorant? Am I experiencing a Generation divide?

I think, I am still in shock... or maybe I am unable exhibit tolerance for this...

God Bless India...