Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rithi, I miss you I miss You I miss you

Your beautiful and innocent smile,
that boundless love on me you pile,
The flowing tears of crocodile
Missing you playing with my mobile

Your Baby talk and the classic walk
my beautiful princess in the red frock
your collection of priceless rocks
missing you dear round the clock

The emotive and affectionate big hug
The love you shower on the lady bug
The lovely moments for which you shrug
Missing you spilling on the new rug

The forever enjoyable naughty enact
The emotional blackmail that you playact
With the baby toy the way you interact
Missing your conversations with Tomcat

The unique Carnatic Songs rendering
the perfect bhajan songs singing
the orange dress you keep wearing
Missing you for all the happiness you bring...

Rithi, I miss you I miss You I miss you